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Solar is fast becoming the wave of the future. At SunAir we realize that our customers expect efficiency. Solar panels are one of the best ways to create an efficient, energy saving home or office.


When adding solar to your home or office you are taking the first steps toward becoming GREEN. Not just green for our environment, but you will find that a lot more green stays in your wallet.


Using SunAir for your solar needs has many advantages. Our full-service staff can audit, design, and install a solar grid that can virtually eliminate your energy bill. 

Here are just some of the many services that we can provide for you:

  • Solar Panel Installation

  • Solar Panel Replacement

  • Solar Panel Repair

  • Micro-Inverter Installation

  • Micro-Inverter Replacement 

  • Central-Inverter Installation

  • Central-Inverter Replacement

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